Hi all,

This blog contains reviews and analysis of the movies I watched. I’m against to giving RATINGS for movies and I’m on the side of Movies. It is an UNRATED and an UNBIASED diary of mine. All I write is in my perception. I don’t claim that I’m always right.

Analysis and reviews on Telugu movies will be in Telugu script, on remaining, it will be in English.

The category “My Library” contains analysis and reviews of my favorite movies from any language. Bapu – Ramana is my favorite duo and it has a special category in my blog. Sometimes I publish articles on anything or anyone I feel like publishing.

I sincerely thank my friend and philosopher “Anil Kumar” for having a detailed discussion with me on movies for a lot of time. I also thank all my other friends and viewers for reading and correcting me every time.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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